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    New Things Coming To Town!

    Hey guys Mr.EasyBB here, 
       I wanted to write to you all explaining some of the new things coming to our site. We do have some styling issues that we have been delaying, and we are going to fix this as soon as possible. Just been so busy with coming out with some great tutorials for you all, also I am going to be looking for some staff members here as well. We don't need any moderators, as our Management Team handles this very well ourselves.
       So first let's talk about points. As points are going to be VITAL here coming up, and we wanted to make this exciting for all of you. As you've seen appear here now and again is our KandiChat, once you get to a certain amount of points you will be able to redeem these for a free months of KandiChat. The only way to get points for this are by either posting in our new Members Tutorials (Tutorials subject to approval) as well as posting in certain areas of the site. These points are of course automatically added to your database. 
       Points will grow fast if you are an active member and have a good feel of our website. There is another little hidden way to get points which we are not going to tell you right away, sorry. Though just remember points will be vital, and I can't stress this enough. All members points, if you have any will be reset to zero once we reinstate any point system. 

       Next let's talk about some of the new tutorials coming out, and new services as well. One of the newer tutorials is of course the Tagging system, letting your users preset Tags is going to make searching for a post a whole lot easier. And everything will come out smoothly. We are going to be testing this 100% as to make every bodies life easier. Another tutorial will be the widgets area, with cookies enabled. This has been taking me some time as I've been busy jumping around here and there. 
       Some of the services coming out, our biggest service at the moment is the Shop Generator, we are about %50 done with that, just a few additions and then testing to go underway after all features are added. The Shop Generator will replace the thread labeled "Want a Shop" and a new support thread will be opened specifically for the Shop Generator. I believe a lot of you will like this as we kept all of you in mind keeping this as simple as possible.
       Some of the features that are in the Shop Generator are as listed-
    • Your Own Live CSS Editor
    • Adding Modules
    • Changing the Elements
    • Adding jQuery UI based Elements
    • Grab And Go Code
    • and so so much more!

      Next we are going to discuss some of the other new stuff coming to EasyBB, the Plus Members area will be under way once I get the Shop Generator Completed as well as the Tagging system tutorial. The Plus Members area will be access approved, it cost only $15 for a life membership. Plus Members will get bigger discounts, as I've stated on the KandiChat dealing with points. Well Plus Members don't have to earn as many points, as well as they get a percentage off the actual bill of KandiChat.
      Plus Members will also be getting greater tutorials and a more understanding of the area of codes. Plus Members will also have their own Chat Room in the AWC. Some of you wonder why we have the AWC and the KandiChat? Well there are plenty of reasons for this, LG from AvacWeb, is a friend of mine. He has taught me a lot of coding, and as you see over on the Top 5 Useful sites we clearly have his website under it. We mark AvacWeb as a partner to EasyBB basically. I support his site, and he supports mine. You will see him on here every now and again. He is a busier man than I am! So when you do see him make sure to make him feel welcomed at our site.
      Plus Members will be also getting some more extra features once everything is under going the process of being opened. Plus Members will be able to see these features appear before their eyes once they get their memberships. These are what I like to call the hidden treasures. 
      Next let's talk about the overall website. You will probably be seeing a speed change to the site here shortly as we will be going through our site once again, changing up some stuff, and checking the speed of load time. We want our site to be snappy fast Wink
      Now to the last and final piece of todays article. KandiChat is only the beginning of what KandiDesigns/EasyBB is going to be coming out with. We have a whole lot more coming out for our members here who own a FM website. We will be writing a few free plugins as well as some other paid services. KandiChat is the most expensive on the list, as it deals with more advanced coding then any of the other ones. When I say most expensive I mean KandiChat is only $10 a month* so grab a hold of your britches and get ready for some AMAZING things to come out from our website!

    *$10 a month KandiChat Service is for the allowed expense of data transfer. Your chat will present a message when data transfer is close to hitting the max.
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