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    Changing the Hover Text on the New Text Editor! Empty
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    Changing the Hover Text on the New Text Editor!

    Hey guys, so as you can see ForuMotion has added a new Editor. Well I've been busy this morning doing all my little research and development that I can just for all of you to enjoy the editor to its fullest! As you can see my editor looks a little different, as I have a print mode and the fullscreen mode on my buttons Very Happy

    I am going to show you how to change the hover text of the buttons. 
    First go to a new JavaScript and Name it CSEditor JavaScript. 

    This is where we will place all the JavaScript that I will be going to give you through out today. So no need to keep making new ones...

    $(document).ready(function() {
    //all JavaScript within here.

    $.sceditor.locale["en"] = {
          "Bold"                      : "Bold Font",
          "Italic"                    : "Italic Font",
          "Underline"                  : "Underline Font",
          "Strikethrough"              : "Strike Through Font",

          "Align left"                : "Align Left",
          "Center"                    : "Align Center",
          "Align right"                : "Align Right",
          "Justify"                    : "Justified",

          "Bullet list"                : "-List",
          "Numbered list"              : "Ordered List",
          "Insert a horizontal rule"  : "Insert a line break",

          "Insert a Quote"            : "'Quote'",
          "Code"                      : "Code",
          "Spoiler"                    : "Spoiler",
          "Hidden"                    : "Hidden",
          "Insert a table"            : "Insert Table",

          "Host an image"              : "Host an image",
          "Insert an image"            : "Insert Image",
          "Insert a link"              : "Insert/Modify Link",
          "Insert a YouTube video"    : "Insert a Youtube video",
          "Insert a Dailymotion Video" : "Insert a Dailymotion Video",
          "Flash"                      : "Flash",

          "Font Size"                  : "Font size",
          "Font Color"                : "Color",
          "Font Name"                  : "Font",
          "Remove Formatting"          : "Remove Text Formatting",

          "Subscript"                  : "Index",
          "Superscript"                : "Exponent",

          "Horizontal scrolling"      : "Horizontal scrolling",
          "Vertical scrolling"        : "Vertical scrolling",
          "WoW"                        : "WoW",
          "Random"                    : "Random",
          "Dices roll"                : "Dices roll",

          "Insert an emoticon"        : "Emoticons",
          "Insert current date"        : "Current date",
          "Insert current time"        : "Current time",
          "Paste Text"                : "Insert unformatted text",
          "Switch Editor Mode"        : "Switch Editor Mode",

          "More"                      : "More/Less buttons",
          "Insert"                                    : "insert",
          "URL:"                                      : "URL",
          "Invalid YouTube video"                    : "invalid video",
          "Author (optional)"                        : "Author (optional)",
          "Title (optional)"                          : "Title (optional)",
          "Cols:"                                    : "Cols",
          "Rows:"                                    : "Rows",
          "Width (optional):"                        : "Width (optional)",
          "Height (optional):"                        : "Height (optional)",
          "Description (optional):"                  : "Description (Optional)",
          "Paste your text inside the following box:" : "Paste your text within this block",
          dateFormat: "day.month.year"

    Just edit the text on the right side of the  ":" to edit what the hovered text will display!

    Hope you enjoyed everyone!
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    with invision does not work you can check

    Post on June 14th 2013, 3:42 pm by pedrox

    It doesn't differ on forum versions you try in quick reply

    Post on June 14th 2013, 4:18 pm by Mr.EasyBB

    perfect other question :how can I add new buttons the bbcode LG does not work anymore

    Post on June 15th 2013, 7:03 am by pedrox

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