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    Lets discuss People

    Ok I don't care anymore, I want to start a thread on uneducated web developers and their constant arguing with me, or any of my knowledgable developers! Listen I would not possibly give you a code and say "this works" if it did not work. So if it does not work for you, don't tell me my code doesn't work. Say something like maybe 'Hey it doesn't seem to be working for me, maybe there are console errors, I'll check them' . If you do not know what a console error is, its a console.log file for every error that exist in your website (mainly javascript), if you have google Chrome, right click, then inspect element. On the bottom right corner of the console log there will be a red circle with a X through it as well as a number. The number is stating how many console errors there are. If you click that it will list off the scripts that are giving you issues.

    If you have Firefox, Firebug extension is the best thing out there for you! It works almost the same.

    So instead of arguing with me, or giving me lip. How about you do some research yourself? Yes, maybe, no? Well I am not here to preach and sound so cruel, though here at EasyBB we are a tutorials site. We are not a copy and paste website. So basically what I mean is, I am trying to teach you code so you can understand what I am giving you.What is the sense of running a website if you do not understand the coding that is behind it??

    Now don't get me wrong, I do sometimes slip up and miss something. Or your site is not like mine on perhaps the classes are wrong or something. Just the other day I knew my code worked, and I gave it to a kid to use. Well he came back assuming it did not work and just said, Nope doesn't work either. Well yes it does, since I created it, and tested it. Well comes to find out that going to his site, the attributes and titles were in Arabic so the code did not work because I wrote the functions to search for an english work and not Arabic.

    See that was a simple fix correct? Next time you need help, remember you are going to have to do some work. Do not be lazy and have someone else do it for you. You will learn nothing from this, and if you do not want to learn then go to

    ACP>GENERAL>FORUM> and click that little Forum Deletion button, and follow the instructions that follow.

    For if you are not willing to learn you are not worthy to control your own website. Yes some of your are new, and I'm not specifically talking about you. I am specifically talking about another forum that offers support and their lack of understanding, and how I resent lazy people.

    I will be coming out with an EasyBB University

    This will have video lessons for new people, and testing. The testing is optional, you will get a printable certificate of completion from EasyBB U Very Happy

    Well that's it for my ranting and squaller

    If anyone else has something to say, please please be my guest. I'd love to discuss these things really I would. Maybe this will actually build up some hype
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    Today is the first time I read this post, I somehow missed it up until now. So you're pissed at people telling you your codes don't work when in fact they do for you. Well there is the other part of the equation, its making it work for them, finding out why its not working for them. I know you know that, but you must learn to expect it. The simplest of things can often times not work the same for everyone, and that is part of answering someones question, its figuring out what works for there situation. No everyone is going to learn why something isn't working, they would rather someone else tell them, that is the way it will always be. Not everyone is as interested in why as much as they are for someone to just make it work for them. Not everyone that drives a car is a mechanic just like everyone that surfs the web is not a web designer, and not everyone that owns a website knows how to code them.

    I understand your frustration, but owning websites isn't just for people that know how to code them. More and more each day websites are becoming easier to build with the help of designer programs, these programs are point and click & drop and drag, even a monkey can do it. The programs do the coding for you and are implemented into the site builder much like the "Admin panel" of forumotion but better and easier with far more advanced options, all you do is tell it what you want. Coders make the programs and they are getting better each year. The days of raw manual coding are fading fast, but I think some people will always do it because they enjoy the challenge. The key for programs taking over learning how to install raw codes is making them with an infinite amount of variables, so in effect the possibilities your imagination can come up with and execute are endless, so your imagination can flow freely with no limitations, and no knowledge of coding is required. That day is upon us.

    Right now a lot depends on the server you decide to build your site on, some have better page designers than others, and some don't have page designers at all they just give you a blank html page to work with, and those are the ones not doing very good. The successful severs have advanced page designers/builders with point & click drop and drag capabilities where no knowledge of coding is required. Where does that leave forumotion? Well since forumotion is just a forum host they don't have too much to worry about right now with there admin panel because forums are not competing with full-blown website developments, they are targeting a smaller audience who's main concerns are making posts, so they got that area covered. The majority of design demands are smaller than websites, so forum hosts aren't being pressured as much to have great page designer programs. That's not to say the future of forum hosts won't have better designer programs someday because they probably will when there competition starts to have them.

    Post on December 11th 2012, 2:25 pm by runawayhorses

    Yeah, and I do see your point. I just would like people to stop stating that the code does not work. In general I would not post the code if I knew it didn't work, so instead say hey the code isn't working for me. Not just so blunt, code doesn't work. Yeah I have to work on being able to understand newbies, I have a different way of looking at things when I code. And other people have their own ways.

    Post on December 13th 2012, 4:12 pm by Mr.EasyBB

    You wrote:uneducated web developers and their constant arguing with me
    So saying this would insinuate you consider yourself an educated or advanced developer? Wink

    You wrote:I wrote the functions to search for an english work and not Arabic.
    Part of being a developer is writing user friendly code. Explaining in which scenarios it may not work, or whether the code is specialised for a specific target... in this case it was targeted for English boards. Providing even just the slightest in-code interface for allowing any language to use the code and allowing for this portability is something one must learn and fast.

    Like Runawayhorses said "Not everyone that drives a car is a mechanic" (and it would be tough to put it any better) and we have to realise the fact that people who joined Forumotion, joined to get a forum, not superior knowledge in web development.

    This isn't to say I don't understand your frustration, I go through it a heck of a lot and often complain about the same thing. The difference is, I don't expect people to learn Javascript, I expect them to simply put in half of the effort into finding the problem, like you mention checking the error console. Helping me, to help them.

    Post on December 17th 2012, 12:24 pm by LGforum

    Yes exactly LG, and no for I've learned quite a bit in javascript in the short period of time that I have been doing so. HTML and CSS I am perfectly fine at, as well as learning from errors of forumotion and some of their sloppy coding. Which all it is really is a work around. I was frustrated this day, just from the lack of participation of people. They want the codes for no work, I'm trying to get my users to understand what they are using, and not bewildered when they would like to change something in that code.

    As well as yes I do consider myself an educated developer, not advanced, by all means never advanced yet. I am prospering every day, learning more and more. Taking in the knowledge that I need to, and well I have no problems really.

    Next, I would like to know why you came here just to post your sarcasm and instead maybe add a little structure. I do not have a problem with you being here, not anything like that, just for you to mock my choice of words in the manner you do. Also the Arabic coding I had to redo was no problem and that poster was not the issue that day, for he actually said that the code wasn't working for him and checked his console error. It was actually an example of the reasoning why this specific code I created did not work for that person at that time.

    All I am going to say this was heat of the moment post, and I do not expect my users to know what I do nor close to it or else they would not be here now would they. I am actually generating some things to help my users understand what can help them learn. Such as getting Chrome to inspect elements/check console errors, Firefox with Firebug. Understanding developer utilities.

    So once again LG, pass the sarcasm you have posted.



    Post on December 17th 2012, 12:40 pm by Mr.EasyBB

    No sarcasm intended.

    I thought I was joining a respectable conversation regarding a sensible thought-provoking subject.

    The first two letters of your chosen title are very misleading.

    Post on December 17th 2012, 1:17 pm by LGforum

    No you are. Just took your first line as a bit harsh towards me, that's all. I believe that I've done well for myself in self teaching javascript. From a bunch of research and what not. Though like I said you did join a respectable conversation, just thought you came in to mock me that's all. I take things wrong sometimes.

    Post on December 17th 2012, 1:22 pm by Mr.EasyBB

    No, and I apologise if you feel "mocked", my point I was making was that "uneducated developers" are uneducated to you. Whereas you'll always remain uneducated to those more educated, and so on (and I don't mean this as an insult or bad thing). If you asked a Google Developer to develop you a browser rendering engine (I think WebKit is still lingering from another post) and you received the API and it didn't work. Would you know where to start, what to do? And I'm not being arrogant, because I know I wouldn't either. Which those considered uneducated to us, don't know what to do either, unless we provide that information to them (which your first post in this topic does).

    The saying "Don't sh** on the little guy" is probably a better explanation. Or "Theres always someone better".

    But as I point out in my first post, I'm victim to this annoyance myself, and will very often point out to users to check their error console and do their own side of the job before I will help them. However as it's a discussion, I thought we'd consider the other side of the story too.

    Again, my apologies, being my first post here was only due to the fact I'm making my way down the forum sections. I didn't join to "mock" anyone.

    On another note, the Chrome console is not accessible solely through the DOM Inspector. Pressing ctrl + alt + J will open the development console. The console tab is the error console. Safari (being WebKit) also shares the same console.

    Post on December 17th 2012, 1:41 pm by LGforum

    Yeah that is true about the uneducated, and more educated. I see your point now. Yes there are multiple ways of checking console. Does ctrl+alt+j work in IE?? I've never used it for IE if so haha. I'd rather stick to my Chrome/Firefox/Safari!

    Post on December 17th 2012, 3:20 pm by Mr.EasyBB

    * Ctrl + Shift + J I meant.

    IE does have developer tools and a console. I think F12 opens it.

    So, anyone who didn't know previously, all the info is here now.

    Post on December 17th 2012, 5:41 pm by LGforum

    lol yeah i got that now as well, while you were posting this. Yeah I still hate IE, and always will lol

    Post on December 17th 2012, 6:35 pm by Mr.EasyBB

    Yeah I agree, I hate that browser too and its been a crapping introduction into the windows www 12 years ago and a pain in the arse to work around. People who learn quickly begin to realize that the best side of the web starts with a better browser and dump that piece of garbage, unfortunately if your online activities require the use of an IE browser you have to cater to it.

    What is the name of that browser that makes all the webpages look like an apps? I can't remember the name of it, but I used it for a few days and it had the qualities of a "new era" in web browsing, different indeed, and also quite fast and didn't behave like your typical webpage.

    It's interesting that flash is being challenged in its longevity, especially since powerhouses like Google who also own "YouTube" depend so widely on a flash driven audience. I'm sure they are thinking of a work around now or already foresee the transition.

    Post on December 17th 2012, 9:26 pm by runawayhorses

    Yeah runaway like in the other post we have discussing the features of HTML5, it shows each difference in Flash vs HTML5. Flash still has more power, though HTML5 is of course HTML and websites are generated from HTML, so in turn there would be no need to check for compatibility qualities.

    Post on December 18th 2012, 2:22 am by Mr.EasyBB

    Flash will take a long time to be fully replaced since it's been around so long as is specialised for the purpose. Specialisation always beats generalization.

    I'm pretty sure Flash comes installed on Windows... so if that's so, then Flash is more supported than HTML5 by far.

    Post on December 18th 2012, 5:38 pm by LGforum

    I'm not sure about Flash being installed automatically. I have yet to start a windows computer like that, I've had to download it. HTML is more supported.

    Post on December 18th 2012, 5:45 pm by Mr.EasyBB

    LGforum wrote:Flash will take a long time to be fully replaced since it's been around so long as is specialised for the purpose. Specialisation always beats generalization.

    I'm pretty sure Flash comes installed on Windows... so if that's so, then Flash is more supported than HTML5 by far.
    Yeah my brother bought a new computer (windows vista) awhile back maybe 2 years ago, and it had Flash already installed on it and it was brand new from the factory. I tend to agree flash isn't going anywhere for a very long time.

    Post on December 18th 2012, 6:08 pm by runawayhorses

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